Female Vocalists from the Jazz Age

Helen Rowland - You Call it Madness 1932

Some of the Girls CD250 (Single Disc - $14.99 U.S.Dollars)

  • Helen Rowland

    1. He's Not Worth Your Tears
    2. Now Your in My Arms
    3. Love Letters in the Sand
    4. Now That You're Gone
    5. Say Goodnight,Not Goodbye
    6. Shine On Harvest Moon
    7. You Call it Madness
    8. River Stay 'way From My Door
    9. Some of These Days
    10. Sleepy Time Down South
    11. Love,You Funny Thing
    12. Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee
    13. Isham Jones Medley..............-Frankie Trumbauer's Orchestra

      Sylvia Froos

    14. Ooh That Kiss
    15. -Victor Arden - Phil Ohman & Their Orchestra-with Frank Luther
    16. You Didn't Know the Words
    17. A Faded Summer Love
    18. Forgive and Forget
    19. Can't Seem to Laugh Anymore

      June Purcell

    20. Marianne-with Roy Fox
    21. When I See My Sugar I Get a Lump in My Throat-with Roy Fox
    22. We Will Always Be Sweethearts-with Jack Denny and His Orchestra

      June Clyde

      June Clyde - Arthur Young Lovey Dovey 1936

    23. Lovey Dovey
    24. -with Arthur Young
    25. The Valparaiso
    26. -with Arthur Young