Gracie Fields

Gracie Fields #1 CD050 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

Disc #1

  1. Ee, By Gum ...1928
  2. Will You Love Me When I'm Mutton?... 1934
  3. Look Up And Laugh ...1935
  4. Shall I Be An Old Man's Darling? ...1935
  5. We've Got To Keep Up With The Joneses...1935
  6. There's A Lovely Lake In London...1935
  7. There's A Small Hotel ...1937
  8. A Nice Cup Of Tea ...1937
  9. Gracie's Selection ...1937
  10. The Girl In The Alice Blue Gown1938
  11. In Me 'Oroscope... 1938
  12. Dicky-Bird Hop... 1938
  13. You've Got To Be Smart In The Army Nowadays1938
  14. Danny Boy.... 1939

    Disc #2

  15. The Biggest Aspidestra Decca...1938
  16. The Biggest Aspidestra In The World Victor... 1941
  17. An Old Violin1941
  18. An Old Violin 1938
  19. He's Dead But He Won't Lie Down...1941
  20. Bleeding Heart 1942
  21. All For One And One For All ...1942
  22. Pedro The Fisherman
  23. He Wooed Her, And Wooed Her, And Wooed Her
  24. Bless This House
  25. Lord's Prayer
  26. You're Too Dangerous, Cherie
  27. My Darling, My Darling
  28. She Fought Like A Tiger For 'Er 'Onour
  29. Only A Glass Of Champagne
  30. Land Of Hope And Glory

Gracie Fields - Turn 'Erbert's Face to the Wall

Gracie Fields #2 CD061(Single Disc- $14.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Nagasaki
  2. Turn 'Erbert's Face To The Wall, Mother
  3. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
  4. Gracie With The Boys-Run Rabbit Run/If You Were The Only Girl In The World/There'll Always Be An England/The Old Lady From Armatieres/The Biggest Aspidistra In The World/Wish Me Luck/ Stop And Shop At The Co-Op Shop/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/ Walter, Walter/I'm Sending A Letter To Santa Claus/The Birth- Day Song/Wish Me Luck
  5. -The Woodpecker Song
  6. Little Curly Hair In A High Chair
  7. Bluebird Of Happiness
  8. Green-Up Time
  9. Come Back To Sorrento
  10. Now Is The Hour
  11. Red Sails In The Sunset
  12. Forever And Ever
  13. Underneath The Linden Tree
  14. Au Revoir