Spoken Word Recordings

  • Shakespeare Varieties CD138
  • The Voice of Poetry with T.S.Elliot, Stephen Spender, Dame Edith Evans CD146
  • Stanley Holloway Monologues CD063

    Stanley Holloway Varieties CD063(Single Disc - $14.99 U.S.Dollars)

    1. Sam's Medal
    2. Many Happy Returns
    3. The 'Ole In The Ark
    4. Jonah And The Grampus
    5. Old Sam-Pick Up Tha' Musket
    6. Old Sam-'Alt-Who Goes Theer?
    7. Marksman Sam
    8. Beat the Retreat on Thy Drum
    9. Old Sam-One Each a Piece All Around
    10. Runcorn Ferry
    11. Gunner Joe
    12. With 'Er 'Ead Tucked Underneath 'Er Arm
    13. The Beefeater
    14. Albert And The 'Eadsman
    15. Jubilee Sovereign
    16. Albert And The Lion
    17. Albert Comes Back
    18. Three Ha'Pence A Foot

    Shakespeare Varieties CD138 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

    1. Mercury Theatre Presents Julius Caesar Orson Wells
    2. Geo.Coulouris Joseph Holland Martin Gabel John A.Willard
    3. Hiram Sherman John Hoysradt
    4. Hamlet Act 3 Scene 1 To Be Or Not To Be Henry Ainley
    5. Act 1 Scene 2 O That This Too Too Solid Flesh Henry Ainley

      Disc #2

    6. O That This Too Too Solid Flesh Sir Laurence Olivier
    7. To Be Or Not To Be
    8. The Play Scene Laurence Olivier & Basil Sydney
    9. Speak The Speech Laurence Olivier & Harcourt Williams
    10. Othello Anthony Quayle
    11. Act 1 Scene 3 Most Potent, Reverend And Grave Signors
    12. Áct 2 Her Father Loved Me, Oft Invited Me
    13. Act 3 Scene 3 I Had Been Happy If The General Camp
    14. Act 5 Scene 2 Behold, I Have A Weapon
    15. Act 5 Scene 3 Soft You, A Word Before You Go
    16. The Comedy Of Errors Charles Coburn
    17. Brush Up Your Shakespeare Original Cast Of "Kiss Me Kate"

    The Voice Of Poetry CD146 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

    1. T.S.Elliot Four Quartets East Coker/Dry Salvages/Little Gidding

      Edith Evans

    2. The Reaper(Wordsworth)
    3. A Childs Grace(Herrick)

      Disc #2

      C.Day Lewis

    4. Do Not Expect Again A Phoenix Hour
    5. Rest From Loving And Be Living
    6. But Two There Are, Shadow Us
    7. The Ecstatic
    8. Passages From The Georgics
    9. Weather Signs/Spring(Vergil)
    10. O Dreams, O Destiny
    11. Stephen Spender
    12. Epilogue To A Human Drama
    13. Responsibility:The Pilots Who Destroyed Germany In The Spring Of 1945
    14. Almond Tree In A Bombed City
    15. I Think Continually On Those Who Were Truly Great
    16. The Landscape Near An Aerodrome

      Robert Harris & Jill Bacon

    17. Sam/Song Of The Shadows/Nod(Walter De La Mare)
    18. Song Of The Mad Prince/Arabia/Haunted No/Comfort

      Dame Edith Evans

    19. The Tiger(Blake)
    20. Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth(Clough)
    21. She Walks In Beauty(Byron)
    22. Upon Westminster Bridge(Wordsworth)
    23. Allan A Dale(Scott)
    24. Let Me Not To The Marriage Of True Minds(Shakespeare)
    25. When To The Sessions Of Sweet Silent Thought
    26. Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun
    27. Sweet And Low(Tennyson)