Early Acoustical Recordings from 1900 to the First War Era

Edison Military Bands CD175(Double disc $22.99 US Dollars )

  1. In The Clock Store-Sodero's Band-50487
  2. Warbler's Serenade-50881 "
  3. Vera-Valse Lente "
  4. Ciribiribin- "
  5. Amina-Egyptian Serenade"
  6. Stars And Stripes Forever"
  7. The Vampire Dance Characteristic"
  8. Col.Stuart March-Conway's Band
  9. Wisconsin Forward Forever March-N.Y.Military Band
  10. Invincible America March
  11. Hungarian Rag-N.Y.Military Band
  12. La Catrera-National Promenade Band

    Disc #2

  13. Spiffy March-Imperial Marimba Band
  14. American Emblem March-Imperial Marimba Band
  15. Bohemian Girl-Selection-Creatore And His Band
  16. A Bunch Of Roses-Spanish March-Conway's Band
  17. Loin Du Ball-Creatore And His Band
  18. Marche Lorraine-Creatore And His Band
  19. Moonlight Rag-Brass Band
  20. Too Much Mustard-Brass Band
  21. The Darkville Dance-N.Y.Military Band
  22. Nutcracker Suite-March-Conway's Band
  23. Lisztiana March-Conway's Band
  24. Band Festival At Plum Centre-Ada Jones-Byron Harlan Steve Porter

Edison Dance Bands CD176(Double disc $22.99 US Dollars )

  1. Swanee-Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra 1920
  2. Venetian Moon-Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra 1920
  3. Dardanella-Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra 1920
  4. Make That Trombone Laugh-Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra 1920
  5. Just Like The Rose/Freckles-All Star Trio 1920
  6. Sweet And Low-Tuxedo Dance Orchestra 1920
  7. Who Wants A Baby-Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
  8. Rainy Day Blues-Yerkes Saxophone Sextet
  9. Millicent-Waltz-Edison Orchestra
  10. The Carnival-One Step-Edison Orchestra
  11. Why Don't You?-Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra

    Disc #2

  12. Lake Of The Woods-Waltz-Jauda's Society Orchestra
  13. Bridal Blushes-Jauda's Society Orchestra
  14. Palisteena-Green Brothers Novelty Band
  15. Humming-Orlando's Orchestra
  16. Mary-Tuxedo Dance Orchestra
  17. Tears-Tuxedo Dance Orchestra
  18. Pucker Up And Whistle-Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
  19. Paper Doll-Green Brothers Novelty Band
  20. Roses Of Picardy-Atlantic Dance Orchestra 1923
  21. In A Tent-Atlantic Dance Orchestra 1923
  22. Fluffy Ruffles-Green Brothers Novelty Band

Edison Vocalists CD189 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

Disc #1

  1. You're The Girl-Walter Van Brunt
  2. Give Me All Of You-Gladys Rice & Walter Van Brunt
  3. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows-Harvey Wilson
  4. Sometime(Friml)-Leola Lucey & Charles Hart
  5. Your Voice Came Back To Me-Gladys Rice
  6. Any Place Is Heaven If You Are Near Me-Thomas Chalmers
  7. Home Sweet Home-Betsy Lane Shepherd
  8. Calm As The Night-Betsy Lane Shepherd
  9. Love's Paradise-Elisabeth Spender & Charles Hart
  10. In Rose Time-Elisabeth Spencer & Charles Hart
  11. Golden Gate-Lewis James & Louise Farrell

    Disc #2

  12. Granny-Marion Evelyn Cox
  13. Nellie Kelly, I Love You-Charles Hart
  14. Call Me Back, Old Pal O'Mine-Elisabeth Spencer & Charles Hart
  15. Happy Li'l Sal-Margaret Heller
  16. A Broken Doll-Manuel Romain
  17. Hawaiian Love Nest-Arthur Hall & John Ryan
  18. I'm Some-One Who's No-One To You-Arthur Hall & John Ryan
  19. In A Little Front Parlour-Helen Clark
  20. Carolina Lullaby-Homestead Trio
  21. When They Ring The Golden Bells For You And Me-Charles Hart
  22. Are You Coming Home Tonight? Harvey Hindermeyer
  23. Whenever I Think Of You-Betsy Lane Shepherd
  24. A Garden Of Flowers-Walter Van Brunt

When Johnny Comes Marching CD141 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey- "That Girl" Quartet
  2. By The Saskatchewan -Reinald Werrenrath
  3. Poor John- Ada Jones
  4. Waiting At The Church- Ada Jones
  5. Killarney -Harry Macdonough
  6. The Minstrel Boy -James Mccool
  7. I Wish I Had A Girl- Billy Murray
  8. Broke- Edward J.Meeker
  9. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now- Billy Murray On A Monkey Honeymoon- Billy Murray
  10. Casey Jones- Billy Murray & The American Quartet
  11. Smile, Smile, Smile- Ada Jones & Billy Murray
  12. The Boy Who Stuttered And The Girl Who Lisped -Ada Jones & Billy Murray
  13. Somebody Else It's Always Somebody Else- American Quartet
  14. Watermelon Morals- Henry Price

    Disc #2

  15. The Coming Of The Year- Church Bells
  16. Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing- Trinity Chimes I'm Fancy Free- Inez Barbour
  17. Mary- Elizabeth Wheeler
  18. In The Land Of Harmony- American Quartet
  19. It's Got To Be Somebody I Love- Ada Jones
  20. You'll Do The Same Thing Over Again- Billy Murray
  21. My Hula Hula Love -Ada Jones & Billy Murray
  22. Billy -American Quartet
  23. Red Rose Rag- Billy Murray
  24. Down By The Old Mill Stream- Harry Macdonough
  25. Oh, That Navajo Rag- Billy Murray
  26. Alexander's Ragtime Band- Victor Military Band
  27. Slippery Place Rag -Victor Military Band
  28. Alma- Barbour & Anthony
  29. Every Little Movement-Inex Barbour & Reinald Werrenrath
  30. Anvil Chorus(Verdi) Victor Orchestra

The Forge In The Forest CD142 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. The Forge in the Forest-Arthur Pryor's Band
  2. Red Wing- Dudley & Macdonough
  3. Rainbow- Billy Murray
  4. Till The Sans Of The Desert Grow Cold- Wilfred Glenn
  5. The Armourer's Song(Robin Hood)- Wilfred Glenn
  6. Canadian Medley -Sousa's Band
  7. The Maple Leaf Forever- Alan Turner
  8. Asleep In The Deep- Wilfred Glenn
  9. Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep- Wilfred Glenn
  10. Little Flatterer -William H.Reitz Bells
  11. Spoontime Two Step- William H.Reitz Bells
  12. Traumerei(Schumann) -Sacha Jacobson Violin
  13. Berceuse(Renard)- Sacha Jacobson Violin
  14. Old Folks At Home- Vess Ossman
  15. Cradle Song(Brahms)- Michele Rinaldi
  16. Floating Down The River- American Quartet
  17. Always Take Along A Girl Named Daisy- Campbell & Burr

    Disc #2

  18. Peg O' My Heart -Charles Harrison
  19. When I Dream Of Old Erin- Charles Harrison
  20. The Rosary(Nevin)
  21. Evening Star -Alan Turner
  22. I'm On My Way To Mandalay- Oakland Burr Campbell
  23. Dream Days- Will Oakland
  24. I'm Crying Just For You -Ada Jones Billy Murray
  25. Let Bye Gones Be Bye Gones -Helen Clark & Henry Burr
  26. It's A Long Way To Tipperary- Imperial Quartet
  27. Soldiers Of The King- Pryor's Band
  28. I'm Glad My Wife's In Europe- Will Hanley
  29. I'm Coming Back To You- Collins & Harlan
  30. Hello, Frisco -Alice Green & Edward Hamilton
  31. When It's Peach Pickin' Time In Delaware -Campbell & Burr
  32. Memories -John Barnes Wells

The Ragtime Era #1 CD147 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight? Tenor Solo
  2. Abide With Me George Alexander
  3. Oh, Holy Night George Alexander
  4. Star Of Bethlehem Henry Burr
  5. I'm Wearing My Heart Away For You Henry Burr 1902
  6. Won't You Be My Honey? Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1907
  7. Won't You Come Over To My House Henry Burr 1906
  8. Won't You Throw A Kiss To Me? Collins & Harlan
  9. Where The Silv'ry Colorado Wends It's Way J.W.Myers 1901
  10. Killarney Columbia Band
  11. Goodnight, Moonlight Columbia Quartet
  12. My Pony Boy Columbia Quartet 1908
  13. I'll Be There With Bells On Ada Jones
  14. How Did The Bird Know That? Fred Duprez
  15. Abraham Jones Or The Christening Arthur Collins
  16. But You'll Never Know Till You Get Married Bob Roberts

    Disc #2

  17. Wild Cherry Rag Eddie Morton 1909
  18. I'm Going To Do What I Please Stella Tobin
  19. I've Got Rings On My Fingers Ada Jones 1910
  20. Honey On Our Honeymoon Henry Burr
  21. You'll Come Back Elida Morris
  22. Temptation Rag Arthur Collins
  23. Silver Bell Princes Military Band 1910
  24. St.Louis Tickle Vess Ossman
  25. Any Girl Looks Good In Summer Columbia Quartet
  26. Summer Days Edith Chapman & Henry Burr
  27. Waiting Down By The Mississippi Shore Campbell & Burr
  28. Railroad Rag Arthur Collins
  29. I'm Afraid, Pretty Maid, I'm Afraid Walter Van Brunt 1912
  30. Cabaret Rag Princes Band
  31. The Ghost Of The Violin Columbia Quartet 1912

The Ragtime Era # 2 CD148 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Row, Row, Row Arthur Collins 1912
  2. I'd Like To Live In Loveland With A Girl Like You Campbell & Burr
  3. Years, Years Ago Peerless Quartet
  4. Georgia Land Peerless Quartet
  5. Oh, What A Beautiful Dream Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt
  6. Rigoletto Questa O Quella Allesandro Bonci
  7. La Donna E Mobile
  8. I'll Get You Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt 1913
  9. My Turkish Opal From Constantinople Peerless Quartet
  10. Medley Of Remick Hits Princes' Band
  11. Medley Of Snyder Hits Princes' Band The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine Campbell & Burr 1913
  12. A Little Bunch Of Shamrocks Edgar Stoddard & Henry Burr 1913 Mountain High Matt Keefe
  13. The Strolling Yodler Matt Keefe


  14. I Used To Believe In Fairies Chauncey Olcott
  15. My Wild Irish Rose Chauncey Olcott 1910
  16. Red, White And Blue Princes' Band
  17. It's A Long Way To Tipperary Princes Band 1912
  18. I Love You Truly Grace Kerns
  19. Until Reed Miller 1918
  20. Tenting Tonight On The Old Camp Ground Columbia Stellar Quartet
  21. The Vacant Chair Columbia Stellar Quartet
  22. My Lady Of The Telephone Sam Ash & Quartet
  23. Are You From Dixie? Peerless Quartet 1915
  24. Love Me At Twilight Charles Harrison & Inez Barbour 1916
  25. Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose Broadway Quartet 1916
  26. Pray For Sunshine Al Jolson
  27. Follow Me Sam Ash 1916

The Ragtime Era #3 CD149 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. After You've Had Your Way Sam Ash
  2. Joan Of Arc Henry Burr
  3. For Your Country And My Country Peerless Quartet
  4. Goodbye Broadway, Hello France Peerless Quartet
  5. Throw No Stone In The Well That Gives You Water Arthur Fields
  6. Calling Me Home To You Oscar Segal
  7. There's A Long Long Trail Oscar Segal & Stellar Quartet
  8. Calicoco Joseph C.Smith
  9. When You Come Back Joseph C.Smith
  10. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Nellie Hoone Wetmore
  11. Old Folks At Home Nellie Hoone Wetmore
  12. Up For Sentence Golden & Heins
  13. The Coloured Recruit Golden & Heins
  14. A Rainbow From The U.S.A. Henry Burr & Peerless Quartet

    Disc #2

  15. France, We Have Not Forgotten You Henry Burr
  16. The Night Nursery Henry Burr
  17. Dear Little Boy Of Mine Charles Harrison
  18. The Battle In The Air Peerless Quartet
  19. The Submarine Attack Somewhere At Sea Peerless Quartet
  20. Dreaming Of Home Sweet Home Sterling Trio
  21. Till We Meet Again Campbell And Burr
  22. The Magic In Your Eyes Oscar Segal
  23. Dear Old Pal Of Mine Oscar Segal
  24. Pig Latin Love Arthur Fields
  25. Take Your Girlie To The Movies Irving Kaufman
  26. Oh, How She Can Sing Van & Schenck
  27. And That Ain't All Billy Murray
  28. When You Come Home Louis Gravure

The Ragtime Era #4 CD150 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Absent Louis Gravure
  2. I Love You Just The Same, Sweet Adeline Peerless Quartet
  3. When I'm Gone, You'll Forget Peerless Quartet 1920
  4. Rings Lewis James & Charles Harrison
  5. Let The Rest Of The World Go By Campbell & Burr 1919
  6. Peggy Charles Harrison 1919
  7. Say It With Flowers Charles Harrison
  8. When My Baby Smiles Henry Burr 1919
  9. Daddy, You've Been A Mother To Me Henry Burr 1920
  10. Swanee Columbia Dance Orchestra 1919
  11. Mystery Happy Six & Jack Kaufman 1920
  12. Oh, By Jingo Lanin's Roseland Orchestra 1919
  13. Rose Of Chile Lanin's Roseland Orchestra 1919
  14. Japanese Sandman Art Hickman's Orchestra 1920
  15. Avalon Art Hickman 1920

    Disc #2

  16. Look For The Silver Lining Vernon Country Club Band 1921
  17. I Never Knew Vernon Country Club Band
  18. Moonlight Happy Six 1921
  19. Rebecca Yerkes Jazzarimba Orchestra 1921
  20. My Sunny Tennessee Broadway Quartet 1921
  21. Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Kentucky Home Edwin Dale & George Reardon 1921
  22. My Sunny Tennessee Columbians 1921
  23. Who'll Be The Next One To Cry Over You? Happy Six 1921
  24. Na Jo Happy Six 1921
  25. Jabberwocky Happy Six 1921
  26. Which Hazel Al Sherman
  27. Goodbye, Shanghai Happy Six 1921
  28. Wimmin I've Got To Have Them, That's All Happy Six 1921
  29. Toot Toot Tootsie, Goo'Bye Frank Westphal And His Rainbo Orchestra 1922

One Fleeting Hour CD156 (Double Disc Set-$22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. One Fleeting Hour Elsie Baker
  2. Here Comes Tootsie Alice Green
  3. So Long Lettie Alice Green & Raymond Dixon
  4. Good Luck To The Boys Of The Allies Lewis Howell
  5. The Canadian Guns Lewis Howell
  6. The Little Old Ford Rambled Right Along Billy Murray
  7. Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner Collins & Harlan
  8. Ballymooney Billy Murray
  9. Floating Down The Old Green River Billy Murray
  10. Laddie In Khaki J.F.Harrison
  11. Trail To Sunset Valley James Reed & J.F.Harrison
  12. Spooky Spooks Victor Military Band
  13. They're Wearing Them Higher In Hawaii Victor Military Band
  14. Because You're Irish American Quartet
  15. Oh, Johnny, Oh American Quartet
  16. Goodbye Broadway, Hello France American Quartet

    Disc #2

  17. Where Do We Go From Here?American Quartet
  18. Star Spangled Banner Elizabeth Spencer
  19. The Marseillaise Edward Hamilton
  20. The Old Grey Mare Collins & Harlan
  21. If You Saw All That I Saw In Arkansas Collins & Harlan
  22. Will You Remember? Alice Green & Raymond Dixon
  23. Just A Voice To Call Me Dear Alice Green
  24. In San Domingo Peerless Quartet
  25. Some Sunday Morning Ada Jones & Billy Murray
  26. Somewhere In France Is The Lily Charles Hart
  27. My Sweetheart Is Somewhere In France Elizabeth Spencer
  28. The Last Long Mile Charles Hart
  29. K-K-K-Katy Billy Murray
  30. Smiles Joseph C.Smith And His Orchestra
  31. Rose Room Joseph C.Smith