Ben Pollack And His Californians

Ben Pollack And His Californians CD053 (Single Disc - $13.50 U.S.Dollars)

  1. When I First Met Mary Joey Ray 1926
  2. He's The Last Word Williams Sisters
  3. Singapore Sorrows Ben Pollack 1928
  4. Sweet Sue Just You
  5. Forever Franklyn Baur
  6. Buy, Buy, For Baby Belle Mann
  7. She's One Sweet Show Girl Belle Mann
  8. Then Came The Dawn Dick Robertson
  9. Sentimental Baby Gene Austin
  10. Futuristic Rhythm Ben Pollack
  11. Let's Sit And Talk About You Scrappy Lambert 1929
  12. Sally Of My Dreams Scrappy Lambert
  13. Louise Smith Ballew
  14. Wait 'Til You See "Ma Cherie" Smith Ballew
  15. Bashful Baby Scrappy Lambert
  16. Song Of The Blues Scrappy Lambert
  17. Sweetheart, We Need Each Other Scrappy Lambert
  18. You're Always In My Arms Scrappy Lambert