Eddie Duchin and his Orchestra

Eddy Duchin - After Sundown

Eddie Duchin Varieties CD170(Double disc $22.99 US Dollars )

  1. I Cover The Waterfront-Lew Sherwood
  2. Isn't It Heavenly?
  3. A Fool In Love
  4. Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do
  5. From Me To You
  6. After Sundown
  7. La Cumparsita
  8. After All, You're All I'm After
  9. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?
  10. Kisses In The Night
  11. Song Of Surrender
  12. Easy Come, Easy Go
  13. When A Woman Loves A Man
  14. Try To See It My Way
  15. Disc #2

  16. I Only Have Eyes For You
  17. An Orchid To You
  18. I Won't Dance
  19. Lovely To Look At
  20. The Rose In Her Hair
  21. Outside Of You
  22. Cheek To Cheek
  23. Isn't It A Lovely Day?
  24. Moonburn
  25. Follow Your Heart
  26. Love Will Tell
  27. Too Marvelous For Words
  28. Just A Quiet Evening
  29. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off