Brunswick Acoustically Recorded

The next two compilations are a visit to the acoustic era of the Brunswick Label

Brunswick Acoustic #1 The Love Nest CD152A(Single Disc -$14.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Brunswick Acoustic The Love Nest All Star Trio 1920
  2. Le Wanna All Star Trio
  3. Apple Blossom Time Amphion Quartet
  4. Old Pal, Why Don't You Answer Me? Ernest Hare
  5. Margie Gene Rodemich's Orchestra 1921
  6. Home Again Blues Gene Rodemich's Orchestra 1921
  7. Spread Yo' Stuff Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra
  8. Wang Wang Blues Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra
  9. Ain't We Got Fun? Harmonizer's Quartet
  10. Down On The Farm Harmonizer's Quartet
  11. I Ain't Nobody's Darling Harmonizer's Quartet
  12. It Must Be Someone Like You Ernest Hare
  13. Yoo Hoo Carl Fenton's Orchestra
  14. Second Hand Rose Carl Fenton's Orchestra
  15. Gone But Not Forgotten Ernest Hare
  16. Swanee River Moon Charles Hart & Elliot Shaw
  17. I've Got My Habits On Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra
  18. School House Blues Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra
  19. Lonesome Hours Rudy Weidoeft's Californians 1922
  20. Old Fashioned Girl Rudy Weidoeft's Californians
  21. Nobody Loves Me Now Gene Rodemich's Orchestra
  22. Whenever You're Lonesome Gene Rodemich's Orchestra
  23. Carolina In The Morning Oriole Terrace Orchestra
  24. Chicago Oriole Terrace Orchestra

Brunswick Acoustic #2 In A Monastery Garden CD152B(Single Disc -$14.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. In A Monastery Garden Capitol Grand Orchestra
  2. Cavalleria Rusticana Capitol Grand Orchestra
  3. Gone Arnold Johnson And His Orchestra
  4. Dreams Of India Arnold Johnson And His Orchestra
  5. Other Lips Isham Jones Orchestra
  6. Marcheta Isham Jones Orchestra
  7. Stella Joseph C.Smith Orchestra
  8. Now That I Need You You're Gone Joseph C.Smith & His Orchestra
  9. No No Nora Lyman's California Orchestra
  10. Cut Yourself A Piece Of Cake Lyman's California Orchestra
  11. Midnight Rose Abe Lyman's California Orchestra Charle Kaley
  12. Havana Tango Lyman's California Orchestra
  13. Lost Melody Oriole Orchestra
  14. Bit By Bit You're Breaking My Heart Oriole Terrace Orchestra
  15. Japanese Sunset Paul Ash And His Granada Orchestra
  16. Rosita Paul Ash And His Granada Orchestra
  17. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else Isham Jones And His Orchestra
  18. Wop Blues Isham Jones And His Orchestra
  19. A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way Oriole Terrace Orchestra
  20. Sobbin' Blues Oriole Terrace Orchestra 1924
  21. My Beautiful Mexican Rose Paul Ash And His Granada Orchestra
  22. Oriental Love Dreams Paul Ash And His Granada Orchestra
  23. I Want To Be Happy Carl Fenton's Orchestra
  24. No No Nanette Medley Carl Fenton's Orchestra V Charles Kaley
  25. Maytime Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra