The English Singers - Madrigals and Other Early Music

Roycrofters -Corpus Christi

Roycroft Records CD269 (Single Disc - $14.99 U.S.Dollars)

What is Roycroft? It was a handicraft community founded in East Aurora, NY about 1895 by Elbert Hubbard. Hubbard had been a very successful soap salesman for J. D. Larkin and Co. in Buffalo, but wasn't satisfied with his life. So in 1892, he sold his interests in the company and briefly enrolled at Harvard. Disenchanted, he quickly dropped out and set off on a walking tour of England. He briefly met William Morris and became enamored of Morris' Arts-and-Crafts Kelmscott Press.

The record line was mastered by Gennett records and featured rare early folk music, madrigals and sacred songs.

  1. Sing We and Chant It (Thomas Morley)
  2. Turtle Dove
  3. In Going to My Naked Bed (Richard Edwards)
  4. Just as the Tide Was Flowing
  5. The Silver Swan (Gibbons)
  6. The Three Fairys (Purcell)
  7. Now is the Month of Maying (Thomas Morley)
  8. Brigg Fair (Percy Grainger)
  9. Wassail Song
  10. Since I First Saw Your Face
  11. Down in Yon Forest
  12. All Creatures are Merry Minded (John Bennett)
  13. The Holly and the Ivy (Rutland Boughton)
  14. Corpus Christi (Peter Warlock)
  15. We've Been a While A-wandering
  16. Hark,All Ye lovely Saints (Thomas Weelkes)
  17. A Farmer's Son (Ralph Vaughn-Williams)
  18. Summer is Icumen In (John of Fornsete)
  19. Though Amaryllis Dance (William Byrd)
  20. Ca" the Yowes
  21. O Christ Who Art the Light (William Byrd)
  22. Hosanna to the Son of David (Thomas Weelkes)
  23. The Dark-Eyed Sailor (Ralph Vaughn-Williams)
  24. It's of a Lawyer (Ralph Vaughn-Williams)
  25. He's Got the Whoile World in his Hands Marion Kerby - John Jacob Niles
  26. Just Like a Treee Planted Near the Water Marion Kerby - John Jacob Niles