Waltz Time - Old Fashioned Waltzes

Waltz Time CD126(Single Disc- $14.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Maytime-Medley-Will You Remember?/It's A Windy Day On The Battery/Gypsy Song/Road To Paradise-Nat Shilkret
  2. Love And Spring-Nat Shilkret
  3. My Treasure-Nat Shilkret
  4. When The Organ Played At Twilight-Jack Hylton
  5. The Moonlight Reminds Me Of You-Jesse & Helen Crawford
  6. Save The Last Dance For Me-Jesse Crawford
  7. The Kiss Waltz-Jesse Crawford
  8. Peggy O'Neil-Princes Orchestra
  9. My Hero-Paul Whiteman
  10. Carolina Moon-Jesse Crawford
  11. Christina-The Columbians
  12. Pagan Love Song-The Columbians
  13. Ramona-Ben Selvin & James Melton
  14. Rosette-Eddy Thomas Collegians-Seger Ellis
  15. Chiquita-Paul Whiteman
  16. King For A Day-George Olsen
  17. Merry Widow Waltz-Marek Weber
  18. When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver-The Cavaliers