Jigs and Reels from Antigonish, NS Canada

Violin - Fiddle

Reeling With Jigs CD101(Double disc $22.99 US Dollars )

Disc #1

  1. The Fallen Chief(Pastoral Air)/Rosewood Jig Little Jack Macdonald Mrs.B.Macneil(Piano)
  2. Bonnie Annie Anderson(Strathspey)/The Devil's Elbow/The Brides' Reel
  3. Peter Baillie(Strathspey)Malcolm Finley Reel/Prince Charley Reel
  4. High Level Hornpipe/Jeanne's Favourite/John Maccormack's Hornpipe
  5. The Dean Brig Of Edinburgh(Slow Air)/Nathaniel Gow Strathspeythe Braes Of Auchtertyre
  6. Mrs.Ronald Macdonalds' Reel/Anns' Favourite/Lady Charlotte Campbell
  7. Marr Castle(Slow Air)/Brig O' Potarch/The Mains O'Gartley
  8. Huntley's Strathspey/Lord Kelly Strathspey/Colonel Mcbain Reel
  9. Highland Queen(Pastoral Air)/Speed The Plough(Classic Reel)
  10. Macbeth's Strathspey/Huntley's Reel/Red Shoes
  11. Cameron's Got His Wife Again/Homeward Bound/Rachael Rae Dan & Michael J.Macdonald
  12. Balkan Hills/Lasses Of Campbell Street
  13. Don Side/Lady Georgina Campbell A.A.Gillis Bess Siddall Macdonald
  14. Johnnie Cope

    Disc #2

  15. Braes O'Mara.A.Gillis & Dan Campbell
  16. Medley Of Old Time Wedding Reels
  17. Mrs.Dingwell Of Brockleys/Mist Over Cape Mabou/Carnies Cantor Dan J.Campbell
  18. The Road To St.Rose/Song Of The Watermill
  19. Robert Williams/Sean Trubhais/Dan Campbell John A.Macdonald Mrs B.Macneil
  20. The Little Judique/Ann Macneil/Lauchie Marrs'
  21. Hon.Lady Fraser Of Lovat/Broad Cove Banks/Miss Shepherd
  22. Boston March/Captain Mcduff And The Flail
  23. Chicken Reel J.O. & Marcel Lamadelaine Guitar
  24. New Bedford Reel J.O. & Marcel Lamadelaine Guitar
  25. Red River Jig Leon Robert Goulet
  26. The Western First Chain Leon Robert Goulet
  27. Reel Jacques Cartier Joseph Allard
  28. Reel Ste. Anne Joseph Allard
  29. The Devil's Dream George Wade And His Corn Huskers