Harry Frankel aka Singin' Sam

Singin' Sam Coca Cola Radio Show

Coca Cola Radio Shows #1With Singin' Sam CD218(Double Disc Set - $22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Show # 931........Where The Shy Little Violets Grow/ Love Is All/Plant A Watermelon(Bert Williams)Only A Message From Home Sweet Home
  2. Show # 932......Lullaby Of Broadway/Hear My Song, Violetta/ Pretty Baby/When The Bell In The Lighthouse
  3. Show # 933.....Mandy/Was It Meant To Be?/Baby Face/Pale Moon

    Disc #2

  4. Show # 934.......At Sundown/You, You Darlin'/Ukulele Lady/Sylvia
  5. Show # 935.........Here's To Happiness/ Say It/ My Dusty Road/ Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
  6. Show # 936.........Save Your Sorrow/Lover's Lullaby/ Dark Town Poker Club/Deep In Your Eyes

Coca Cola Radio Shows #2With Singin' Sam CD219(Double Disc Set - $22.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. Show # 937..........I Used To Love You/ Make Believe Island/ Just Around The Corner/Chloe
  2. Show # 938........I'm Shooting High/It Had To Happen/ Flow Along River Tennessee/ I Love You In The Same Old Way
  3. Show # 941........I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze/ You And Who Else?/T'Ain't No Use To Worry/ Dear Little Boy Of Mine

    Disc #2

  4. Show # 942.........Let Me Sing And I'm Happy/Red River Valley Home/ Show Me The Way To Go Home/The End Of The Road
  5. Show # 943.........On The Beach At Bali Bali/Blue Gardenias/ Dardanella/She May Have Seen Better Days
  6. Show # 944.............Is She My Girl Friend?/Might've Been/ I Wish I Had My Old Girl Back Again/ Trav'lin' All Alone

Singin' Sam Songs #1 CD286(Double Disc Set - $22.99)

Disc #1

  1. After Sundown
  2. Alexander
  3. Alice Blue gown
  4. April Played the Fiddle
  5. As Lobng as the Wheel goes Round
  6. At Sundown
  7. At the End of a Cobblestone Road
  8. Baby Face
  9. Beautiful Dreamer
  10. Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms
  11. Blueberry Hill
  12. Blue Gardenias
  13. Blue Lovebird
  14. Blue Tears
  15. the Breeze and I
  16. A Brown Bird Singing
  17. the Camptown Races
  18. Can't Get indiana
  19. Carrie
  20. Carry me Back to the lone Prairie
  21. Chloe
  22. Clear Out of thes world
  23. Cotton
  24. Crinoline Days
  25. Cubanola Glide
  26. Dance and Dream
  27. Dapper Dan

    Disc #2

  28. Dardanella
  29. Darktown poker Club
  30. Dear Little Boy of Mine
  31. Deep in Your Eyes
  32. Don't ASk Nothin' of Me
  33. Down among the Sugar Cane
  34. Down By the Sycamore Tree
  35. Drink to me Only with Thine Eyes
  36. Everybody Works But Father
  37. The Fable of the Rose
  38. The Girl With the Light Blue Hair
  39. Give Me the Moonlight
  40. Good Evening
  41. The Good Green Acres of Home
  42. Goody Goody
  43. Have a Smile
  44. Hear My Song,Violetta
  45. Hello Ma Baby
  46. Here's to Happiness
  47. Home Again
  48. I Believe in a Dream
  49. I Can't Love You Anymore
  50. I Can't Tell Why
  51. I Feel like a Feather in the Breeze
  52. If You Knew Susie
  53. I Know that You Know
  54. I Like to Make Music
  55. I'll Be With You

Singin' Sam Songs #2 CD287(Double Disc Set - $22.99)

Disc 1

  1. I'm Gonna Go Back to Oregon
  2. I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time
  3. I'm an old Cowhand
  4. I May Be Crazy
  5. I'm gonna go Back To Oregon
  6. I'm Loving you
  7. In the Evening by the Moonlight
  8. Is it true What They Say About Dixie?
  9. Is She the Girlfriend
  10. I There Still Room for Me?
  11. I Touched a Star
  12. It's Delovely
  13. It's the Natural Thing to Do
  14. I Used to Love Her
  15. I've Gotta Feeling for You
  16. I Want to be Happy
  17. I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again
  18. Just Around the Corner
  19. Lay My Head Beneath a Rose
  20. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy
  21. Linger Awhile
  22. Little Annie Rooney
  23. Little Forefly
  24. Little old Garden
  25. Love is All
  26. Lover Come Back To Me
  27. A Lover's Lullaby
  28. Lullaby
  29. Lullaby of Broadway
  30. Make Believe Island
  31. Mandy
  32. Ma Silver Bell
  33. Might Have Been

    Disc 2

  34. Mississippi Roll On
  35. The moon Looks Glad Tonight
  36. The moon Won't Talk
  37. My Baby Just Cares for Me
  38. My Dusky Rose
  39. My Foolish Heart
  40. My Mother's Eyes
  41. My Romance
  42. Oh,you Gorgeous Dancing Doll
  43. Old Black joe
  44. Old Fashioned Love
  45. Only a Message from Home sweet Home
  46. Only forever
  47. On the Beach at Bali Bali
  48. Pale Moon
  49. Plant a Watermelon
  50. Playmates
  51. Poor Johnny
  52. Pretty Baby
  53. Put on Your Slippers
  54. Red River Valley Home
  55. Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
  56. Rosita
  57. Saddle your Blues to a Wild Mustang
  58. Sailing Thru the sunbeams
  59. Save Your Sorrow
  60. Say it Over and Over Again
  61. She May Have Seen Better Days

Singin' Sam Songs #3 CD288(Double Disc Set - $22.99)

Disc 1

  1. Show Me the Way to Go Home
  2. Sierra Sue
  3. A Smile Will Go a Long long Way
  4. So long Mary
  5. The Sunshine of Your Smile
  6. Sweet Adeline
  7. Sweet and Low
  8. Swing low,Sweet Chariot
  9. Sylvia
  10. T'ain't No Use To Worry
  11. Take Me Up,Up,Up
  12. There'll Be Some Changes Made
  13. They go Wild,Simply Wild Over Me
  14. Three Little Words
  15. Tradewinds
  16. Travellin' All Alone
  17. Turn Back the Universe
  18. Ukulele Lady
  19. Under the Yum Yum Tree
  20. Waitin' at the Church
  21. Wake Up and Sing
  22. Was it Meant to Be?
  23. What's the Use of Dreaming
  24. What Ya Gonna Do?
  25. When I Dream of old Erin
  26. When The Bell in the Lighthouse
  27. When the Moon comes Over Madison Square
  28. When the Sunset Turns the Leaves to Gold

    Disc #2

  29. When the White Azaleas are Blooming
  30. When You look in the Heart of a Rose
  31. When You're a long,Long Way from Home
  32. Where the Shy Little Violets Grow
  33. Who Loves You?
  34. You and Who Else?
  35. You Can't Have Everything
  36. You've Got Something
  37. You,You Darlin'
  38. Lord You Made the Night Too Long Domino 51054
  39. Somebody Loves You Domino 51054
  40. Don't You Dare Call Me Darling Beacon 7150
  41. You'll Regret it Someday Beacon 7150
  42. When it's Lamp Lighting Time Conqueror 8121
  43. In the Valley of the Moon Conqueror 8121