Elton Britt

Elton Britt - When the Roses Bloom Again

Elton Britt Varieties CD223(Single Disc - $14.99 U.S.Dollars)

  1. I'll Never Smile Again
  2. Goodbye,Little Darlin' Goodbye
  3. Precious Jewel
  4. New Worried Mind
  5. There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
  6. When The Roses Bloom Again
  7. I Hung My Head and Cried
  8. Buddy Boy
  9. The Best Part of Travel
  10. I'm a Convict With Old Glory in My Heart
  11. Someday
  12. Weep No More My Darlin'
  13. Rogue River Valley
  14. Got To Get Together With My Gal
  15. Rainbow In My Heart
  16. Lorelei
  17. Candlelight and Roses
  18. I Wish You the Best of Everything
  19. Cowpoke
  20. Rotation Blues