I was born in Vancouver British Columbia October 27,1954 to an artist father-Phil Clark.My mother,Betty was involved with little theatre as I was growing up.My brother,Chris is 1 1/2 years older and is a professional photographer in Kelowna,B.C.When I was two,the family moved to Toronto where Dad was a freelance illustrator with clients such as Chatelaine magazine,Chevrolet,Wisers Whisky,etc.He now does. western art from Penticton B.C.My mother is involved with the arts community in Penticton in an administrational capacity.She started the Folk-Art Show in Penticton in the seventies,was instrumental in making PIAFA happen(The Penticton International Auction of Fine Art),and chaired the British Columbia Festival of the Arts for the year 1996.

Having a good memory for tunes and listening to pop music as I was growing up in Toronto,I found the repetition of music on the radio really too much.I started collecting 78 r.p.m. records at the age of 8,so I could play what I wanted to hear.

As the years went on,I started picking up records that others would be interested in-with the result that my collection represents many different types of music-not necessarily my preferences,but I have them to preserve the music and make them available to listeners of today.At my present age of 44,I have amassed 20,000 discs, specializing in the Twenties and Thirties period,but my collection spans the turn of the century to the fifties.

During my high school years,I worked in the electronics repair business and gained a knowledge of audio technology which allows me to do all my own maintenance on my sound equipment.

A vocalist with theatre groups and big bands,I have been performing in the Vancouver area since 1975.For those wanting all the gory details,check out my resume.I was boy singer with the Preservation of Swing Band at the Canada Place Convention Centre (the Sails in Vancouver) for New Years 2000.I have edited a pile of songs to show highlights of my full-length CD-my Whirlwind Demo